Simultaneous Dual Tracer PET Imaging of Alterations in Dopamine D2 Receptor Occupancy and Blood Flow in Rat Brain

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Physics and Astronomy


To search for evidence of dopaminergic neuromodulation, we are developing a method for correlating dopamine release in regions of high D2 receptor density and blood flow alteration in regions throughout the brain. If variations in dopamine receptor ligand binding (delta-BP) and blood flow (delta-rCBF) are measured separately, then intra-individual inter-scan variation is expected to reduce the precision of such correlations, especially in studies of humans performing tasks. Therefore, we seek to simultaneously measure delta-BP and delta-rCBF in response to an intervention. Here, we describe progress in methodological development using anesthetized rats responding to a pharmacological challenge.

Poster presented at Neuroreceptor Mapping 2006, The Sixth International Symposium on Neuroreceptor Mapping in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 6-8, 2006.

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