Spring EngAGEment: An Interprofessional Collaboration to Enhance Community Interaction and University Education

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Interprofessional education and practices are increasingly recognized as vital to addressing complex health needs, including individuals living with Alzheimer's disease or other associated dementias (AD/OAD). An innovative approach to meet this need is to create a meaningful engagement experience, Spring EngAGEment, following a multidisciplinary patient-centered model to serve individuals with AD/OAD and their care partners in the community and to offer new interprofessional collaboration opportunities for college students and faculty across disciplines in nursing, recreation, and speech-language pathology. The Spring EngAGEment program was developed by lead undergraduate students in an outcome-based program planning course from the Department of Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services and implemented by student volunteers and faculty across the disciplines with ongoing mentorship from the author team and feedback from the local ACT on Alzheimer's team. The program offered community resource booths, gardening, music therapy, and physical activity education as a way to inform individuals with AD/OAD and their care partners on available community resources, increase their mental outlook, and help reduce their isolation and stress.


This interprofessional practice/interprofessional education experience not only allowed college students to facilitate collaboration with future health care professionals from a variety of disciplines but also provided the participants living with AD/OAD and their care partners with new ideas and strategies to help adjust to their life changes. Program outcomes from event participants with AD/OAD and student volunteers were reported. Lessons identified by the author team are discussed.


School of Nursing, Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Services, Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services

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Perspectives of ASHA Special Interest Groups