"That's Not a Problem Here": Recreation Professionals' Perceptions of Cyberbullying in Youth Programs

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Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services


Cyberbullying impacts healthy youth development. Due to the complexity of this issue, solutions to address cyberbullying need to include multiple agents. Currently, little is known about youth-focused programs’ strategies and policies to prevent and address cyberbullying. Thus, to begin the discussion about cyberbullying in youth programs, the recreation practitioners were interviewed in two states (Minnesota and North Carolina). The objectives of this study are:

  • To explore recreational youth program administrators’ points of view on the issue of cyberbullying.

  • To explore strategies currently used by recreational program staff to address and prevent cyberbullying.

  • To provide specific strategies and recommendations for dealing with cyberbullying in recreation settings.

The youth program staff believed that cyberbullying was a serious societal issue. However, staff reported that they lacked awareness of cyberbullying and specific strategies to address it. Using an ecological framework, the authors provide several recommendations for parks and recreation professionals.

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International Journal of the Socioloigy of Leisure