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The purpose of this study was to examine the significance of the policy and practice of seclusion and restraint interventions used and implemented in the public school system in the United States. Current research casts doubt on policy appropriateness; however, these interventions continue to be used in school settings across the United States. A descriptive, cross-sectional research design was used to implement via electronic survey. The survey was developed and randomly sent to school administrators and other support staff, teachers, and paraprofessionals currently employed in school districts across the United States. Data collected in this study supports the need to have clear, consistent policies and procedures provided for all school staff in all states regarding the use of seclusion and restraint interventions. Results suggest many school staff is unaware of their state’s seclusion and restraint policies and procedures. Many school staff is not trained on the proper use of these interventions, yet continue to implement them with the students in their schools.


Social Work, Psychology

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Journal of Pediatrics Medicine and Care



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