The purpose of this article is to provide a director of forensics who wishes to rebuild a forensics program with advice, ideas, and guidance based on organiza-tional theory, organizational change research, and lived experience. This article approaches organizational culture as a dynamic construct of an organization. “Proponents of the perspective of culture as a dynamic construct are interested in both a better understanding of organizations through application of a cultural per-spective and a conscious development of organizational culture” (Sackmann, 1990, p. 133). This perspective treats culture as something an organization is and something an organization has. The shaping of forensics program’s culture is crit-ical to the program's success. White (2010) reminds us “There is not one ‘right’ type of organizational culture to which all teams should adhere” (p. 158). The information provided here is designed to help a director rebuild a team by rebuild-ing a team culture. This approach does not prescribe the culture to be built but does, from time to time, refer to specific examples of qualities a director may try to instill in the team These are not the qualities you must or even should instill, but rather they serve as examples of how to create change.

Anyone who has been involved in competitive forensics activities knows building or rebuilding a forensics team is a daunting task. A competitively suc-cessful forensics team is a collection of exceptional people. As a director of fo-rensics, the task of finding and cultivating the talent required for a competitively successful program is not something to be taken lightly. This article addresses the pragmatics and philosophy of building or rebuilding a forensics program.

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