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Hosting a Tournament


There comes a time in one's tenure as a Forensic Coach when one may think of hosting a tournament for various reasons. This can be a wonderful and meaningful experience for both you and the attending coaches and students, but it carries with it many challenges and a great deal of work. In trying to deal with what needs to be considered and planned in order to host a successful tournament, there are numerous elements that need to be given consideration. This article will at-tempt to provide you with guidelines and conditions to consider before one makes the final decision on whether or not to host a tournament. The authors of this article have years of experience in forensics in general and hosting and running forensic tournaments ranging from local high school tournaments, college tournament and numerous national collegiate forensic tournaments. This article focuses almost entirely on running speech competition, not debate; although some of the same principles apply, debate competition brings with it an array of other considerations and challenges for a host. While in some cases, this article may provide information that is basically uniform throughout all levels and regions in which speech competition occurs, in many cases, the manager is advised to consult experienced managers in their area to learn local practices on the topic. Items such as this are provided to indicate to a prospective manager that they need to consider the item before they host, and part of that consideration may include consultation with other coaches.

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