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United States Patent, Patent Number US 10,202,204 B1, Date of Patent February 12, 2019.

A total runway safety system (TRSS) and method measures, monitors, manages, and informs flight crew on the progress of takeoffs and landings and of any hazardous runway conditions. In some embodiments, the TRSS measures, monitors, and informs flight crew of longitudinal and lateral runway tracks thus preventing overruns and veer-offs during takeoffs and landings. In some embodiments, backscatter of infrared laser beams emitted by the aircraft is used to evaluate groundspeed and the reflectivity of the runway surface to make estimates of the surface conditions, rough­ness and contamination, which affects rolling and braking efforts and acceleration. In some embodiments TRSS evalu­ates runway surface and predicts tire-surface rolling and braking coefficient of friction. In some embodiments, GPS and similar navigation data, and ATC/airport reported run­way braking conditions are evaluated along with the infrared laser, ultrasound and digital images to find best estimates of the runway remaining, current speed, acceleration, and jerk.





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