Heat and Moisture Transport in 2-D Porous Plate for Space Applications

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The analytical and numerical study of the two- and one-dimensional heat and mass transport in porous plates under microgravity conditions is presented. Thin porous plate can be used as a fin in a future advanced-technology condensing heat exchanger for space systems. Porous tubes imbedded in porous plate carry the cooling liquid and serve as a mass and heat sink/sources, while the moist environmental air transfers heat and moisture on the cold porous plate. Transient and long-term behavior is of special importance for deep-space manned missions. The rate of clogging, biofouling, and air entrapment of the porous material is critical in understanding long-term performance characteristics and optimizing the overall design. Transient behavior including start-ups and shut-downs are critical performance parameters. Porous material in which moisture diffusivity roughly follows the linear change with saturation delivers best performance. Experimental study of air-entrapment and clogging process confirmed dramatic degradation in performance and transport properties of porous media in simulate reduced gravity conditions.



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40th AIAA/SAE International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES 2010)

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Barcelona, Spain