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A novel total-energy model of overspeed takeoffs is introduced . The mathematical model is based on the 6-DOF rigid-body aircraft equations of motion during takeoff and initial unaccelerated climb. Procedures and calculation steps to determine final takeoff weight and improved takeoff speeds are explained and discussed. A particular example was solved to demonstrate its potential use. A novel diagram for quick and easy determination of improved-V2 parameters was designed. Overspeed or improved-V2 takeoffs are very important safety and economic tool in scheduled airline operations. Unfortunately, overspeed takeoffs are not well understood or used as frequently as possible in practice. The main goal of this article is thus intended to be a contribution toward a better understanding of overspeed takeoffs as well as for fast estimation of relevant parameters. The equations and algorithms presented could be easily programmed in any low- or high-level computer language and used in airplane performance computers, print and digital databases, or onboard avionics.



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International Journal of Aviation Aeronautics and Aerospace





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