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We have derived and summarized and most important atmospheric temperature lapse rates. ALRs essentially govern vertical atmospheric air stability and creation of some cloud types. The sensitivity analysis of various atmospheric lapse rates and their dependence on actual ideal-gas air properties and gravitational attraction was conducted for the first time to the best of our knowledge. SALR, which has DALR as the upper asymptote, showed steepest decrease at around 9 degrees Celsius then flattening out and apparently approaching another asymptotic solution which has not been investigated as it falls outside of the terrestrial temperature range. ISA lapse rates are adopted atmospheric standards and hence do not depend on actual conditions. We have also analyzed the dependence of DPLR on air temperatures and moisture content. Understanding thermodynamics and dynamics of atmospheric moist air and phase transitions is of fundamental importance for safety and economy of flight operations and aircraft performance.



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International Journal of Aviation Aeronautics and Aerospace





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