This collection contains scholarly articles, reports and other publications authored by faculty members in the Department of Counseling and Student Personnel at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Submissions from 2015


"Not Being Able to Talk was Horrid": A Descriptive, Correlational Study of Communication During Mechanical Ventilation, Jill L. Guttormson, Karin Lindstrom Bremer, and Rachel M. Jones


Alienation Among College Students and Attitudes Toward Face-to-Face and Online Counseling: Implications for Student Learning, Jacqueine Lewis, Diane H. Coursol, Karin Lindstrom Bremer, and Oleksandr Komarenko

Submissions from 2012


Parental Involvement, Pressure, and Support in Youth Sport: A Narrative Literature Review, Karin Lindstrom Bremer

Submissions from 2011

Transitioning Out of Sport: The Psychosocial Effects of Collegiate Athletes' Career-Ending Injuries, Amber L. Stoltenburg, Cindra S. Kamphoff, and Karin Lindstrom Bremer

Submissions from 2010


Effects of Team Care of Frequent Attenders on Patients and Physicans, Patricia Adam, Dana L. Brandenburg, Karin Lindstrom Bremer, and David L. Nordstrom

Submissions from 2009


Strategies for Overcoming Site and Recruitment Challenges in Research Studies Based in Intensive Care Units, Linda Chlan, Jill Guttormson, Mary Fran Tracy, and Karin Lindstrom Bremer

Submissions from 2007

The Savvy Caregiver Program: The Demonstrated Effectiveness of a Transportable Dementia Caregiver Psychoeducation Program, Kenneth Hepburn, Marsha L. Lewis, Jane B. Tornatore, Carley Wexler Sherman, and Karin Lindstrom Bremer

Partners in Caregiving: Effects of a Psychoeducational Intervention on Alzheimer's Caregiving Daughters, Karin Lindstrom Bremer

Submissions from 2006


Partners in Caregiving, Kenneth Hepburn, Marsha L. Lewis, Laura Nelson Kirk, Suzanne Narayan, Bruce A. Center, Karin Lindstrom Bremer, and Jane B. Tornatore


A Validated Tool for Gaining Insight into Clinicians' Preventive Medicine Behaviors and Beliefs: The Preventive Medicine Attitudes and Activities Questionnaire (PMAAQ), Mark W. Yeazel, Karin Lindstrom Bremer, and Bruce A. Center

Submissions from 2005

"If You Want to Win, You have to Learn to Get Along:" Youth Talk About their Participation in Extracurricular Activities, Jodi Dworkin and Karin Lindstrom Bremer


Pedometers as a Means to Increase Ambulatory Activity for Patients Seen at a Family Medicine Clinic, Steven D. Stovitz, Jeffrey J. VanWormer, Bruce A. Center, and Karin Lindstrom Bremer

Submissions from 2002


Discourse-derived Perspectives: Differentiating Among Spouses' Experiences of Caregiving, Kenneth Hepburn, Marsha L. Lewis, Suzanne Narayan, Jane B. Tornatore, Karin Lindstrom Bremer, and Carley Wexler Sherman