Disability in Libraries and Information Studies (DisLIS) is an open access, multimedia journal run by information professionals who work in various types of information-oriented jobs. All members of the Editorial Board either have disabilities or have extensive experience with disability-centered work. Academic articles are peer reviewed; book reviews are editorially reviewed.

Our publishing focus is to center the experience of disability within information work in a variety of settings including but not limited to K-12 schools; LIS programs; public, academic, special, or other types of libraries or archives; focusing on the experiences of library or archive workers or users, or people who work with libraries in other ways. Works published may take a variety of forms including book reviews, peer-reviewed scholarly articles or case studies, poetry, and recorded interviews.

Our hope is that by disseminating these experiences, we can provide comfort and a sense of community and a community of care for disabled people. We also hope that by sharing these insights with the broader world, nondisabled people come to a greater understanding and appreciation of their disabled neighbors and the variety of shapes, sizes, sounds, appearances, and movements that encompass the human experience.

Book reviews are submitted for editorial review via this review form.

Contact the Editorial Board if you have questions: DisLisJournal@googlegroups.com

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2024 (2024) First issue