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Quality in early childhood education matters. Scholarly research has demonstrated the critical importance of the first three years of a child’s life. The experiences and interactions children have in these early years significantly affects brain development and helps to establish the foundation for future learning. The topic of this study was to pilot test a Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) in early education programs in Magadan, Russian Federation (RU) and in Mankato, Minnesota, United States of America (USA). The purpose of this study was to understand the use of a specific instrument to provide direction for the improvement of the quality of the learning environments in early childhood classrooms in two countries. Investigators hypothesized that the selected QRIS will be reliable for reviewers of programs in the two countries. This project examined two questions: 1. Is the Global Guidelines Assessment (GGA) useful to compare early childhood education in Magadan, RU and early childhood education programs in Mankato, Minnesota, USA? 2. What is the level of agreement among reviewers in the US and in Russia, using scores on the GGA for one early childhood education program in Magadan, RU and for one early child-hood education program in Mankato, Minnesota, USA? The study included translation of the Global Guidelines Assessment (GGA) into Russian. One quality review (with multiple reviewers) was completed for one early education program in each country. Completed reviews by eleven reviewers were delivered to Minnesota State University,Mankato for data entry and analysis. The report includes: (1) descriptive data for reviewers and for early education programs and (2) inter-rater agreement (consistency among assessors). This study concluded that there was excellent interrater agreement among reviewers in Russia and in the US. As a result of this investigation, this study concluded that the Global Guidelines Assessment will be useful for comparing early childhood education programs in Magadan, Russian Federation and in Minnesota, USA because the GGA is easy, affordable, and reliable to use for quality improvement of early education throughout the world. Now the GGA may be used in Russia as well.


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Proceedings of the 2021 Children of the North: Health, Development, Education