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Elementary and Early Childhood Education


One of the most common book series on the subject of Soviet Gulags is Evgenia Ginzburg’s “Journey into the Whirlwind” and “Within the Whirlwind.” This paper will use secondary analysis from anthology works with stories similar to Ginzburg's in combination with the works of several other authors like Anne Applebaum (2011) and Geith and Jolluck (2011). It shall also examine extensively Raphaël Lemkin’s definition of genocide and how it fits to what happened in the Gulags. It shall be argued why certain situations that occurred within the Gulags fit this definition. It will also explore the intimate details and lives of the Repressed. It will clarify vividly some of the social psychological and life experiences they faced in the Gulags and what coping mechanisms they used to survive them.

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The Global Studies Journal



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