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As the makeup of a company’s workforce changes so must their internal practices. The newest members of the professional workplace belong to the so-called Millennial generation. While there have always been challenges when new generations enter the workforce research shows that this latest generation has brought with it more challenges than previous generations. This paper looks at what is so different about this generation, how it affects the workplace, and finally, how these unique qualities can best be incorporated in a company’s policy and procedure writing to better keep the attention of this new worker. Characteristics of the generations currently in the professional workplace are reviewed in terms of how these characteristics affect their workplace attitudes and why any change for the newcomers is needed. Current methods for policy and procedure writing are reviewed as a basis for changes that can be made for the expanded generational audience. The paper concludes with a discussion of ways that future policies and procedures can be prepared for forward thinking companies. This discussion includes the writing of the document itself as well as possible methods for presentation of these documents for better acceptance by generations new and old.

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Abigail Bakke


Master of Arts in English, Technical Communication Option

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Capstone Paper