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Transfer partnerships continue to be one of the most critical elements of student success. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the bridges and transfer gaps from a two-year college to a university and respect the value of the support and knowledge students are currently receiving at their community college, from the context of the practices and experiences of Iron Range Engineering - Bell. The transfer process, afterall, can be daunting to some students who plan to transition from a community college to a university to finish a Bachelor’s degree. Iron Range Engineering - Bell is a unique, co-op based upper division program that strives to facilitate a positive experience for students undergoing this transition. The transfer process can be equally as challenging for community college faculty and staff who may feel the need for additional support in their roles. They play a large role in the transfer process and oftentimes go above and beyond their responsibilities to meet with students to determine their pathway forward after spending time at their respective community colleges. This paper proposes unique ways that university faculty and staff can support two-year colleges during the student transfer process, making these partnerships a more positive experience while achieving a shared goal of supporting student success. Some of the unique ideas include encouraging back transfer to fulfill Associates degree requirements, shared teaching methods, offering bridge courses without two-year colleges changing their curriculum, allowing flexibility for the timing of transfer to meet the needs of students, and active university participation in advising and supporting students. In the end, students who are prepared and have more context tend to perform better and absorb more information sooner in the experience-based learning model that is Iron Range Engineering - Bell.


Integrated Engineering

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2022 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

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Minneapolis, MN