100% PBL Curriculum: Startup Phase Complete

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In 2010, a new 100% PBL curriculum was started as the result of an economic development initiative and the dissatisfaction with the traditional engineering education model, The program was adapted from the Aalborg University model of PBL. The curriculum attributes include industry sponsored design projects, self-directed learning, emphasis on continuous development of professional skills. There are no lectures. Students acquire technical knowledge in the context of the project. This program is now in its 10th semester. It has achieved accreditation through ABET-EAC. Data has been collected on the satisfaction of both the graduates and their supervisors with regard to their abilities to perform across the spectrum of expectations in engineering practice. The paper will address the current structure of the curriculum, the trajectory it followed from startup to present, and evaluate the model using data collected on student development and attitudes. The authors will connect the curriculum design to learning theory and curriculum theory. They will address implementation and evolution with regards to change theory. A complete description of the continuous improvement model will be discussed.


Integrated Engineering



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2014 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) Proceedings