The iSALT fellows evaluate the efficacy of technology and instructional innovations or conduct applied research on teaching and learning to promote evidence-based teaching praxis at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This collection includes all the scholarly works created by the iSALT fellows as they work on their evaluation research projects.


Submissions from 2015


Synchronous Social Presence Experiences: Student and Faculty Perceptions of Courses Delivered via TelePresence, Qijie (Vicky) Cai


iSALT: A Campus-Wide Support System to Evaluate Technology-Based Instructional Innovations, Qijie (Vicky) Cai and Jude Higdon


Developing an Early-Alert System to Promote Student Visits to Tutor Center, Qijie (Vicky) Cai, Carrie Lewis Miller, and Jude Higdon


Telepresence: Democratizing the Higher Education Classroom, Jason A. Kaufman and Candace Raskin

Submissions from 2014


Using Student Feedback to Revise a Flipped Operations Management Class, Claudia H. Pragman