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  • Citations: students should use the publication style acceptable to their field (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.).
  • Article submission will be reviewed by two professors. Authors will receive two anonymous written critiques. Your faculty mentor will also be asked to approve your paper as part of the review process.
  • Authors will be notified whether their work is accepted, needs revision, or is rejected
  • After receiving critiques, authors will be asked to review their submissions and submit a final copy.
  • Deadline for final version will be before classes resume in August, with intent of publishing the first week of September.
  • The Journal is an online publication. There is no minimum or maximum length.
  • Potential Research Formats

    Traditional Research Paper/Presentations or Professional Reports

    Paper (hard-copy) format or web-developed format. An formal research article format might include the following:

    • abstract
    • introduction
    • literature review
    • materials and methods
    • results
    • discussion
    • references - use citation style appropriate to your discipline

    A report for a profit or non-profit organization might include a summary, discussion, and recommendations. The format should consist of whatever is appropriate for the situation. Because organizational reports are interwoven with the organization's culture and the reason for the report, students should submit a brief description which contextualizes their submission.

    See the Committee on Publication Ethics website for more publication guidelines.

    Creative Reports with Strong Textual or Graphic Supporting Materials

    These reports could include performance clips or be graphic-based in the sense that artwork or design materials comprise a major part of the submission.

    The creative submissions should contain sufficient material, either paper or web-developed format, to contextualize the performances and/or graphics. Viewers should be able to place the presentation within a specific scope of scholarship and should be able to understand the relevance of the work to the performance or graphics.


    Please note: Presentation materials, i.e., slides and posters, should be submitted to the Conference Proceedings. These materials by themselves do not fit the rigor required of Journal submissions. Specifically, research presented as a poster or oral presentation at the Conference needs to be written out as research paper to be submitted to the JUR. Proceedings submissions should be sent to Heidi Southworth after the symposium.