1st Student's Major

Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology

1st Student's College

Science, Engineering and Technology

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Scott Betcher, Allen Caldwell, Nathan Lindeman, Brian Mandelkow, Dave Maniak, Randy Rohlf, James Skuya, Dennis Swanson, Aaron Wolff (Senior Team Members) and Mark Brandl, Dan Dobesh, Ryan Erickson, Jeff Gillen, Jan Smith, Jason Wilkie (Underclass Team Members) are all students in the Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Mentor's Name

Bruce Jones

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Mentor's Department

Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Mentor's College

Science, Engineering and Technology

Other Mentors

Kirk Ready


Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Automotive Engineering Technology program formed a team to enter the Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2001. Selections for the organization’s machine included a 2001 Polaris Edge Chassis specially outfitted with a 2000 500 cc two-stroke Polaris engine. Modifications to the snowmobile were made specifically for Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2001 events. Acceleration, emissions, cold start, noise, fuel economy/range, handling/drivability, hill climb, and static display made up the list of events featured in the competition. MSU Xtreme has modified the snowmobile in every area with special emphasis on emissions and handling. Testing and analysis of the sled’s systems brought the team to its resulting design. The technical paper describes the results of those tests, explains the team design procedures, and presents all modifications made to the snowmobile.

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