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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Austin Lee, a native of Bloomington, Minnesota is a senior at Minnesota State, Mankato. Austin a goalie for the Maverick hockey team is double majoring in history and economics combined with a minor in math. Austin's future aspiration in academia is to pursue a joint JD PhD with an emphasis on economic analysis on the law.

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Matt Loayza

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


After Russia withdrew from WWI, the Allied nations worried about Germany relocating its eastern front forces to the western front. Britain and France both urged the United States to militarily intervene in Russia to reopen the eastern front. Although President Wilson initially ignored this proposition of the Allied nations, he reconsidered in 1918 and ordered troops to Russia. Many scholars have examined the US intervention in Russia and debated why Wilson decided to use American troops in Russia. The preoccupation among historians as to why these troops were sent to Russia has caused them to overlook the underlying reasons the intervention failed. Sparked by the alleged 1919 mutiny in North Russia, Wilson was forced to consider withdrawing troops from Russia, which eventually occurred in 1920. With the withdrawal of U.S troops, the intervention in North Russia proved to be unsuccessful because Wilson gave British commanders control over U.S. troops, he refused to send reinforcements to north Russia, and he refused to define the ultimate goal of the expeditionary force, which ultimately crippled American troop morale.

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