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Marketing and International Business

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I have lived in Mankato my entire life, graduating in 2006 from West High School. I began my college career at MNSU that same year. I completed my undergraduate in Art History, International Business, with a minor in Spanish, and certificate in Nonprofit Leadership. The next step in my professional career is to earn my MBA.

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Richard Young

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Marketing and International Business

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Not only has globalization been growing over the last few years, but the anti-globalization movement has been growing as well. Anti-globalists predict that the globalization is responsible for negatively altering people's mindset, outlook and lifestyle. However, the anti-globalization movement has been negligent in considering the full effects of globalization. In its simplest sense globalization can be defined as: “the worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration". The parameters of communications integration can be defined as “all means of symbolic or verbal communication that people and machines use to make contact and share information”. This paper will investigate the positive intrinsic effect globalization has had on our visual culture by observing a specific archaic root of globalization, the effects of colonization during the Industrial era, and current trends in the third sector (nonprofits).

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