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Accounting and Business Law

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Natsua Asai, a native Japanese person, moved to Minnesota to learn business foundation and became a student of Accounting at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She is a member of the Honors Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Her future aspiration is to obtain a job at an accounting firm to support local business.

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Paul Brennan

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Accounting and Business Law

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In 2010, individual taxes provided almost half (43.35 %) of the U.S. Federal Revenue. Every U.S. citizen has an obligation to pay tax in order to support their government; however, they also have the right to keep tax as low as possible by effective tax planning (Smith, Harmelink, & Hasselback, 2012). Tax planning is a proper arrangement of transactions or affairs in order to reduce tax liability. Tax planning can become complex if the transaction involves multiple areas of tax law. I am going to discuss an aspect of real estate that involves multiple concepts and rules governing tax compliance: the tax treatment of mixed personal and rental use of real estate. The paper discusses tax treatment of deductions, losses, sales, and exchanges of mixed-use real estate. Mixed-use real estate means that homeowners rent, or use for business purposes, part or all of their primary or secondary homes, either permanently or temporarily. These situations are pretty common for U.S. citizens yet the tax effects on these transactions are not well understood and can be complex. The focus on the paper is to describe the tax treatment of various situations where residential property is rented at least part of the tax year.

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