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Gender and Women's Studies

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Additional Authors

Ellen Hammerschmidt: Sociology (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

Jade Anderson: Psychology (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

Stephanie Feldman: Family and Consumer Science (College of Allied Health and Nursing)

Students' Professional Biography

Alissa Shape is from Andover, Minnesota. She graduated in the Class of 2016 with a degree in Gender and Women's Studies. Following graduation, she plans on obtaining her Masters of Science in Gender and Women's Studies at Minnesota State, Mankato. Ellen Hammerschmidt is from Mound, Minnesota. She is a senior in the Sociology program at MSU. She is passionate and involved with multiple activist groups at Minnesota State, Mankato. Jade Anderson is from Waconia, Minnesota. She is a Psychology major at MSU and enjoys Gender and Women's Studies. Stephanie Feldman is from Monticello, Minnesota. She is a Class of 2016 graduate with a degree in Family and Consumer Science. Stephanie currently works with the community, teaching parenting skills.

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Shannon Miller

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Gender and Women's Studies

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Sexual violence is a widespread issue in American society. Though sexual violence takes many forms, the topic of campus sexual violence is especially pressing as it has occupied a fair amount of controversy in American media. The experience of sexual violence for college students is often traumatic as they navigate through the administrative systems and criminal justice systems of their respective communities. From a feminist perspective, students that become victims of campus sexual violence are often met with institutional resistance and inadequacies. The purpose of this study was to assess college students’ feelings of safety in residence halls. This research surveyed students in introductory-level Gender and Women’s Studies courses at a Midwestern college campus and sought knowledge from its students on the topics of campus safety and sexual violence. The findings from this research help to critically address the climate of the college campus from the student's perspective and addresses the intricacies of identities and how those identities shape the experiences of both safety and violence.

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