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Honors Program, Social Work, World Languages and Cultures

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Elizabeth (Libby) Guss is from Mankato, MN and double-majored in Spanish and Social Work while attending Minnesota State University, Mankato. She was also a member of the Honors Program. Libby plans to continue her education in graduate school to earn her MSW and be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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Dr. Debra Gohagan

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Social Work

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Prior research on sexual assault reporting has identified several barriers to reporting, such as rape myths, negative perceptions about how the report will be handled, and misinformation about reporting rights. Due to these barriers, many cases of sexual assault go unreported. By increasing education about sexual assault policies and access to resources, it is hoped that college campuses can become safer for all students. Data for this study was gathered through an online, anonymous survey which contained twelve questions- six about reporting perceptions and knowledge, and six about socio-demographic information. The survey was sent to an intro-level Social Work class and a senior level class to compare certain results from the two groups in addition to analyzing results from the sample as a whole. Results indicated a need to increase education for students regarding their rights and University responsibilities in the event that they choose to report an assault. MSU-M currently requires all students to take a training module on consent, but does not have many educational opportunities for students in regards to what they can do after an assault.

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