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Amanda Nigon graduated from MSU-Mankato in Summer of 2004 with a bachelors degree in English creative writing and minors in Art and Humanities. She has been published in SLAM and The Blue Earth Review. After taking some time off to further develop her skills in writing, art, and music, she hopes to return to a university to pursue her MFA.

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Richard Robbins

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Arts and Humanities

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Tara Moghadam


Amanda Nigon’s two poems (see)Shell Cracked on Rocks by Gulls and Fistula were written as part of a creative writing group using the theme of Losing Innocence. LOSING INNOCENCE by Alison Broderson, Andrea Bruton, Eric Groonwald, Amy Herron, Eric Hoffeiser Josephine Jarvis, Joe Loweth, Amanda Nigon, Jenny Sodomka: This project was inspired by our group’s desire to heighten its social awareness as it explored the loss of innocence resulting from impoverishment. As creative writers we chose to explore this theme through poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction--our subjects ranging from working in a women’s shelter to college life. Because the process of writing is one of investigation, we developed a deeper understanding of the loss of innocence and a broader interpretation of the meaning of impoverishment, choosing in advance to not limit ourselves to an economic interpretation of the word. We attained our goals through observation, discussion, information gathering, writing, and revision of creative work, meeting frequently to discuss our work and ideas. We strove to bring each individual piece to a publishable quality and plan to submit our works for publication. In the hopes that others will gain from our awareness, we plan to present our writing at the conference, individually reading our work to the audience.

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