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Nickie Kranz is an undergraduate student at Minnesota State University, Mankato, pursuing a B.A. in Literature and a minor in Speech Communication.

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Mary Susan Johnston

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Arts and Humanities


Martin Luther, often called the father of Protestantism, fundamentally changed the Christian world through his force of will and new ideas. He tried passionately to reform the Catholic Church. His desire was to return Christianity to its roots, putting more focus on the reading of scripture and less focus on Catholic dominance. His personal theology inclined him to write works including The Sermon on Good Works and the 95 Theses. Once these works were distributed, the Roman Emperor placed him under an imperial ban. Martin Luther escaped and hid in a castle to avoid imprisonment and/or death. During his hiding, he began developing a new church, independent from the Catholics. My undergraduate research focuses on the Protestant movement that began with an Augustinian Monk, and quickly spread throughout the Western world.

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