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Campus Paper Waste

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Joshua Randall is the son of Michael and Vickie Randall. Joshua was born in Mankato in 1984, he graduated from New Ulm Senior High School in 2003. He is pursuing Bachelor of Sciences in Management and Speech Communication, and minors in Marketing and Business Administration. Joshua has been a member of the Maverick Forensics team the two years that he has been at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He is on track to graduate from MSU in May of 2007. After graduation Joshua plans to work towards his Master of Arts in Communications. When not in school Joshua enjoys watching sports and staying up to date with online news sources.

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James Dimock

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Communication Studies

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Arts and Humanities


The fall of 2004 at Minnesota State University, a new program called MavPrint was introduced. The user submits a document to be printed at a computer, the expense is deducted from their account, and then their document can be retrieved from any MavPrint station. In years past printing had been free, but seeing how according to Bryan Schneider, the director of Technical Services at Minnesota State University – Mankato, from the year 2003 to the year 2004 the printing costs for the University rose 200 percent, they felt it was time to make a change. MSU students printed out over 4 million pages in 2003, when stacked that is enough paper to reach over 54 stories high, half of the height of the Sears Tower. Clearly, paper waste on campuses is a significant predicament. In order to understand the predicament that campuses are in, the problem of paper waste, the causes of these problems and some solutions to solving these problems will be addressed in my paper.

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