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Jodi Frantz is a senior psychology major from Huntington College. She is originally from South Whitley, Indiana. Jodi is involved with campus life at Huntington while serving as a Resident Assistant for three years and involved in student senate. While all aspects of psychology are of interest to her, one area that she hopes to pursue more is eating disorders. She also plans on attending graduate school. Amber Marlow is a senior sociology major from Huntington College. She is originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Amber is involved with a church youth group, while she one day hopes to pursue a career with adolescents in a mental health setting. Jennifer Wathen is a senior psychology major from Huntington College. She is from Evansville, Indiana. Jennifer is involved with Joe Mertz Volunteer Service at Huntington College. She is attending graduate school at Saint Francis University where she will pursue her master’s degree in mental health counseling.

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Michael Rowley

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This study examined the differences between communication apprehension, one’s gender, and his or her year in college. Participants included a convenience sample of full-time undergraduate students at a Midwestern, liberal arts, private Christian college. The students were asked to complete the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA-24), a self-report measure of communication apprehension. It was predicted that females would have higher communication apprehension levels than males and that as class standing increases, communication apprehension decreases. A statistically significant difference was found between males and females with respect to their overall CA score. The results also showed no significant difference between year in college and CA score.

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