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Sociology and Corrections

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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I am a non-traditional student; I had taken many years off to raise my family and then returned to academia 3 years ago so I could finish my degree. I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sociology and I have been accepted into the Masters of Arts Program in Sociology at Minnesota State University. Over the course of the last several years I have been working with my mentor Dr. Afroza Anwary, who does research on globalization, South Asia, and women in the developing world. Dr. Anwary, a native of Bangladesh, has researched and published on the subject of trafficking on women and is involved in an ongoing research project on global activism in relation to trafficking. My research has included research on teen media exposure in relation to decline in physical activity, trafficking on women, the relationship between Merton’s strain theory and the deviant act of prostitution and peacekeeping circles. My research regarding trafficking on women has shown a pressing need for the consciousness and commitment of Americans to do something about the widespread commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls. Something needs to be done about the widespread commercial sexual exploitation of women.

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Afroza Anwary

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Sociology and Corrections

Mentor's College

Social and Behavioral Sciences


This study examines the problems related to the trafficking on women. Trafficking on women presents a variety of social, legal and moral problems. This study uses a global perspective to define the role of women in society and its implications for the study of trafficking. Secondary data analysis was performed with specific emphasis on the role of women in society, economic factors and documented governmental and non-governmental responses to the problem. Results indicate that trafficking of women is a multi-layered issue. Research on trafficking is further complicated by in availability of data, inconsistent responses to the issue and the global nature of the problem. Suggestions for further research are also given.

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