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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Rebecca Madison Pollack was a student in the Department of Geography at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Forrest Wilkerson

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


The Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) found at the Ney Nature Center (NNC) are particularly important to the NNC, as they are the initial population of frogs found deformed in 1995. As bio-indicators, frog populations can be used to assess the health of their surrounding environment. This study used standard herpetological field methods to gain a population estimate of Northern Leopard Frogs and the migration route used by these frogs as they moved up the bluffs of the Minnesota River Valley from their wintering site to the Ney Frog Pond for spring breeding. The results gathered provide the Ney Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) an estimated population and route of migration, which allows them to put in place measures to continue to monitor and protect the eco-system of the Ney Nature Center and specifically the Northern Leopard Frogs found on-site. NEEF has committed to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural environment of the NNC.

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