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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Ariel Becker is a student in the Department of Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Andrea Lassiter

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Many organizations recognize the importance of utilizing teams to accomplish work (Chuboda et al., 2005; Devine et al., 1999; Ilgen, 1999; Martins et al., 2004). As technology has advanced, many of these organizations have recently become more reliant on virtual project work, which allows work teams to communicate across geographical distances (Driskell et al., 2003). Considering the growing prevalence of virtual teams in organizations, more needs to be known about how to facilitate virtual team effectiveness. In addition, the increased use of teams in organizations has identified and created the need for team training (Ilgen, 1999). Creating a training environment where the appropriate knowledge and skills transfer to a team should be taken into consideration for team performance (Marks et al., 2001). However, the literature provides inconclusive evidence on the effectiveness of the virtual team’s training environment. The goal of the current study is to add to existing knowledge regarding training and virtual teams. It is expected, based on previous research, that virtual teams who receive online training will yield the best performance results, while virtual teams who receive in-person training will yield the worst performance results. Sixty-four undergraduate students from Minnesota State University, Mankato participated in the study. Participants were placed in two person teams and were trained either on-line using web-based conferencing software or were trained in-person. Team members collaborated either virtually or face to-face. Results of the research will be discussed along with implications and future directions.

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