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Arts and Humanities

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Recipient of Minnesota State University, Mankato Foundation Grant. Harumi Okoshi is an Art student at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Erik Waterkotte

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Arts and Humanities


For this project, I would like to combine the precision of computer-generated graphics with the warm-feel of traditional printmaking as a way to integrate traditional art practices with new technology. Graphic design is regarded as commercial art, such as designing packages or posters, and is separate from fine art. As a graphic designer, my goal is to develop meaningful visual solutions. Through the presentation of my project, I will demonstrate a way to introduce traditional printmaking into contemporary graphic art. There are a lot of preparations involved for traditional printmaking. You have to make several proofs before you actually print the final picture. This seemed like a lot of work but after working with traditional printmaking, I found that there is a strong connection between the paper and myself. I can convey more feeling and emotion through the process of traditional printing. Traditional forms of printmaking also convey the marks that technological processes don't show. I would like to experiment with this hand-made quality by creating traditional prints and layering the digital art using a scanner and drawing tablet. The drawing tablet is a computer peripheral that allows the artist to draw on a computerized pad with a pen-like tool, simulating the feel of drawing on a paper in a sketchbook. As a graphic designer, I am interested in combining the quality of traditional printmaking with contemporary technology and examining the impact of this combination.

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