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Purpose -This study describes Hispanic students’ use of the academic library and their perceptions of factors that impact their use and satisfaction with it.

Design/Methodology -Using the literature as a springboard, a survey was created and modified to understand Hispanic students’ perceptions of the academic library. The participants were recruited by the University’s Institutional Research team, which could reach out to students who self-identified as Hispanic.

Findings - Generally speaking, Hispanic students are comfortable in this particular academic library, and felt that librarians and staff were available and kind. They are less comfortable asking for research help, largely because they self-identify as shy or are afraid of asking a silly question.

Research Limitations - Only about one tenth of the students did the survey and while many indicated they would be willing to participate in focus groups they were not, in the end, able to find the time to do so. Richer results would have resulted in focus groups, which were originally envisioned.

Practical implications – Librarians could usefully reach out and make a personal connection with this student population to facilitate students’ asking research questions.

Social Implications—As Hispanics are one of the largest growing college student populations, it makes sense to understand their needs in order to do what we can to help them succeed in college.

Originality/Value -- This confirms other studies’ results but much of the previous research was done at Hispanic Serving Institutions and this study was done at a Primarily White Institution.

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