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The achievement gap “refers to a difference between the academic achievement of linguistic and ethnic minority students, students with disabilities, students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds, and female students, and either the mainstream student population in general or the white student population more specifically” (Odekon, 2015, p. 7). There are as many causative factors as there are rocks on a beach in Alaska. While books and articles may refer to these and act as a finding aid, I find it valuable to have a certain familiarity with federal, state, and nonprofit organizations that publish timely and authoritative research reports. These resources are gathered together with the criteria that they had published robust and recent research reports about the causes or impact of the achievement gap. Geographical limitations were the U.S. or Canada in general or one of the states or provinces served by PNLA. General sources are arranged in alphabetical order by name of organization. After the title of a representative document, the organization’s own description follows in italics. Following that is my brief annotation describing succinctly the overall scope of the website. The next section has state/ provincial-specific websites.


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