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At Minnesota State University, Mankato, we pursued a project to improve license management and to utilize the Alma Library Management System. We met as a team to develop a framework for codifying license terms and terminology and to develop plans to migrate licenses to Alma. The goals of the project included: (1) contractually required public display of terms, (2) comprehensive replacement of licenses on a five year cycle, as required by Minn State, and (3) uniform re-negotiation of license terms as university and system needs evolve.

We will share:

  • our tool developed to help guide library workers through the journal licensing process;
  • our procedures for implementing licenses in Alma, which involved - defining license terms and terminology, - entering terms in Alma as a retrospective project, - linking licenses to purchase orders and e-inventory;
  • a sample report we created enabling us to track licenses for the purpose of scheduling their replacement and to review license terms comprehensively; and
  • reflection on additional factors across a diversity of resource types.


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Electronic Resources Minnesota Conference 2022 (ERMN)

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