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How many linked data conference sessions have you attended where the benefits of linked data to libraries were discussed, with the ultimate goal of leading to better visibility for libraries? These sessions likely mentioned research initiatives at large, well-resourced institutions such as the Library of Congress and OCLC Research. But then the post-conference reality sets in and linked data applications in the real world seem almost unattainable. Join us to learn about some of the more approachable and practical implementations of linked data in libraries. We have discovered that one of the best ways to learn about the impact of linked data is to experiment, acknowledging that experimenting can take a considerable amount of staff time and organizational resources to support the work. So come and reap the benefits of our experiments! We will discuss the Minitex Wikimedia pilot project, in which two Minnesota Libraries and a Historical Society added archival images to Wikimedia Commons, and Wikipedia, and added structured data (linked data) from Wikidata. All to find out what the impact on access and use would be. We will also discuss other local developments and what we can build together in the future.


Library Services

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Minnesota Library Association 2023 Conference

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St. Paul, MN