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At Minnesota State University Mankato (MNSU), our story might sound familiar. After more than a decade of flat or decreased budgets, we have cancelled hundreds of journal subscriptions and numerous journal packages. We do occasionally add journals, but only by cancelling others. We often say we are “managing library decline,” and our primary objective is to cut cleanly and accurately, so that we can continue to support accreditation and an evolving curriculum. Over the years, we have developed various tools to guide our cuts and we have demonstrated these at NASIG and elsewhere. These tools have also served for collection evaluation purposes, including accreditation, and collection outreach, to communicate the value of the library. This year we began developing a new communication tool based on the idea of a “Zero Based Budget.” Simply called the “Budget Proposal,” this tool enables the library to put forth a positive and constructive vision for the journal collections. This project has led to progress with other goals, such as the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for journals and journal packages, as well as the development of one-sheeters, or brief reports, to improve how we communicate the value provided by the library for specific programs. We will demonstrate and discuss the Budget Proposal, our KPIs, and related materials.


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North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG)

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Spokane, WA

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