Assessing Undergraduate Interlibrary Loan Use

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With the growth of full-text resources and OpenURL linking, Minnesota State University, Mankato has seen a significant increase in the use of interlibrary loan by undergraduates. Other institutions also face increasing interlibrary loan demand. This study's purpose is to assess undergraduate interlibrary loan use, satisfaction, reveal reasons for non-use and assess the impact of OpenURL. A survey of undergraduate users and non-users of interlibrary loan reveals four major factors:

Most users learned about interlibrary loan from their professors

Three out of four initiated interlibrary loan requests via an OpenURL citation

Ninety-five percent were satisfied with the interlibrary loan service

Non-users do not use interlibrary loan because they are unfamiliar with the service.

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Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve