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The myriad benefits found through participation in forensics are well documented. Few co- or extracurricular activities boast the range of opportunity and benefit that are found through forensics. At the same time, this diversity within the activity creates tension for some programs that struggle with the best approach to forensic participation. Few would argue that forensics is at the same time educational and competitive. The argument that evolves from this duality of mission is which, if any, is more important or prevalent. Answering this question has led to multiple associations, a wealth of scholarship, and the conclusion that there is likely no definitive answer to the query of which is most important. This paper reviews the debate over balancing competitive and educational goals in forensics. Particular attention is paid to forensic honoraries as associations that bring attention to multiple forensic goals, including both educational and competitive excellence. I conclude with arguments in support of forensic honoraries as outlets for programs seeking a balance of multiple forensic goals.

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