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Tuesday, October 13th

Can I Show This Video?: Making Public Performance Rights Visible to Patrons

Lynn E. Gates, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Clearing Out Backlogs from Home: Remote Cataloging of Posters

Nicole Smeltekop, Michigan State University

Exposing Institutional Content: Preserving Legacies and Breaking Rules

Michelle Hahn, Indiana University - Bloomington

Objects, Realia, and Virtual Reality for Libraries as Specialized Method for Teaching and Learning

Cyrus Ford Zarganj, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Perceptions on Aboutness of Documentary Films: Comparing FAST Headings to User-Created IMDb "Plot Keywords"

Christopher S. Dieckman, Iowa State University

Step Up Your Game with Genre Terms for Tabletop Games

Diane Robson, University of North Texas
Catherine Sassen, University of North Texas
Kevin Yanowski, University of North Texas