Study of the 18F (p, α) 15O Reaction with a Radioactive 18F Beam

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The cross section for the {sup 18}F(p,{alpha}) reaction at energies below 1 MeV/u, of interest to the breakout from the hot CNO cycle, was measured for the first time using a radioactive {sup 18}F beam. {sup 18}F (T{sub 1/2}=110 m) was produced at the cyclotron of the University of Wisconsin through the {sup 18}O(p,n){sup 18}F reaction, transported to Argonne and installed in the SNICS source of ATLAS. The (p,{alpha}) reaction was studied in inverse kinematics at energies below 1 MeV/u using the gas-filled Enge Split-Pole spectrograph for particle identification. Absolute cross sections were determined from the simultaneous measurements of the p({sup 18}F,{sup 15}N){alpha} reactions and Rutherford scattering from mass 18 projectiles.


Physics and Astronomy

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Bulletin of the American Physical Society

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