Further Evaluation of 6-Fluoro-M-Tyrosine as a PET Tracer for Dopamine Turnover

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The authors have previously proposed [18F]6-Fluoro-m-tyrosine (6-FMT) as a tracer for CNS dopamine turnover since its non-catechol structure prevents the formation of O-methylated metabolites which have confounded 6-fluoro-L-DOPA (6-FD) studies. Indeed other investigators have found improved image contrast with 6-FMT compared to 6-FD in both monkey and human PET studies basically because of the faster tracer clearance in non-dopaminergic brain areas. The authors have performed in vitro and in vivo studies to further evaluate 6-FMT as a dopamine tracer. These studies include (1) enzyme kinetic studies with L-aromatic amino acid decarboxylase, (2) uptake in storage granules, (3) in vivo microdialysis in rats and (4) PET studies in monkeys. Results of these studies confirm the utility of 6-FMT as a PET tracer for dopamine neurons and have allowed formulation of a possible biochemical basis for the improved PET images of 6-FMT.

Presented at the 208th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, August 21-25, 1994, Washington, D.C.


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