Polarization Measurements of a Hydrogen Storage Cell Target

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The authors are preparing for measurements of pp spin correlation parameters at the Indiana electron-cooled storage ring. An important preliminary test involves the measurement of the target polarization. The target consists of polarized H atoms which enter a storage cell through a feed tube. The storage cell is open at both ends to allow for beam passage and has 5 {mu}m thick teflon side windows allowing for detection of low energy scattered particles. Polarized protons from the UW tandem accelerator travel through the storage cell; the scattered and recoil protons are detected in coincidence. The target polarization will then be deduced from the ratio of coincidence rates with the beam polarization parallel and antiparallel to the target polarization. Details and results of the target polarization measurement will be presented.

Presented at the 1993 Joint Meeting of the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers, Washington, D.C., April 12-15, 1993.


Physics and Astronomy

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Bulletin of the American Physical Society