Neon in Material Separates of the Allende and Orgueil Meteorites

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We have initiated a series of experiments on carbonaceous meteorites in the hope of achieving material separates through the use of the xnildest possible physical and chemical treatments. The first attempt to produce a physical separation of the carbon and noncarbon phases in the Allende meteorite was canied out by preparing seven sieve fractions from a~ , Allende fragment which had been disaggregated by ultrasonic treatment in distilled water, interrupting periodically for cycles of freeze-thawing. This hgment was discovered to contain the fht gas-rich matter known to occur in Allende and clearly indicated the presence of solar neon. Magnetic and nonmagnetic separates were prepared from the remaining miterial of the two most gas-rich sieve fi-actions, and these were analyzed by stepwise heating along with unaltered samples in an effort to isolate the solar neon and the gas-rich matter. In this experiment we attempted to achieve useN material separates by partitioning disaggregated material from the Allende and Orgueil meteorites between isoamyl alcohol and water.


Physics and Astronomy