Solar, Planetary, and Other Inert Gases in Two Sieve Fractions of a Disaggregated Allende Sample: A Study by Stepwise Heating Extraction

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Inert gases released by stepwise heating of unaltered, strongly magnetic, and weakly magnetic samples from the 0-64 micron and the 105-250 micron fractions of a disaggregated and sieved sample of the Allende meteorite reveal the occurrence of both solar and planetary neon. The origin of the solar neon is thought to be implantation of solar wind ions. The origin of the planetary neon remains unresolved. Heavy isotope enriched components of krypton and xenon have been detected and there are some indications that a light krypton component may also be present. Other than a larger concentration of Xe-129 in the weakly magnetic samples, the signatures of the magnetic separates are isotopically very similar.


Physics and Astronomy

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Proceeings of the Eighteenth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference