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Victimization of people with disabilities (here forward ‘abuse and neglect’) is a serious, persistent, and pervasive problem. While Minnesota is taking steps to improve its reporting and response systems, similar efforts have not been made to prevent abuse and neglect. This Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect of People with Disabilities contains powerful examples of the problem and describes potential remedial actions. But the Plan goes further, by outlining promising actions that can be taken before the abuse and neglect occurs.

This report and the subsequent work on prevention of abuse and neglect for people with disabilities are important because all people should live free from abuse and neglect. People with disabilities cannot live self-determined lives as envisioned by the American with Disabilities Act and the Minnesota Olmstead Plan if they are being abused. Left unaddressed, abuse and neglect can lead to long term negative effects for people with disabilities. The disproportionate effects of trauma experienced by adult and children with disabilities begin early and seem to continue through adulthood.


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