Unpacking and Reframing Dis/ability: Critical Consciousness Raising to Incorporate a Critical Response into Clinical Practice

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People with disabilities have a long history of oppression, segregation, and discrimination rooted in ableism/disablism—attitudes and beliefs that left unexamined continue to be perpetuated in the practices of people and institutions throughout our society.

  • Ableism: Discrimination in favor of non-disabled people.
  • Disablism: Discrimination against people with disabilities
  • Ableism/Disablism: Two sides of the same coin.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the meaning of and interconnection between ableism and disablism.
  • Know the disempowering, empowering, and transformative models of disability and how such models connect to perpetuating or dismantling ableism/disablism.
  • Begin to develop a critical consciousness to unpack and reframe one’s own disempowering biases, attitudes, and practices with people with disabilities, across disability and intersecting identities, in order to incorporate a critical response to one’s clinical practice.


Social Work

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