At the request of the DSR-TKA executive board, this article is presented in Speaker & Gavel so the AFA-NIET process explained here has a permanent record in forensic archives.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 License

Master Entry Form.xls (1385 kB)
Master Entry Form

MasterEntryExample.jpg (156 kB)
Visual Example of Codes Entered on Master Entry Form

NIETFlash1.zip (59451 kB)
Zipped folder containing Flash Demonstration of the Scheduling Process

Entry Count.xls (58 kB)
Entry Count

Sched1.jpg (276 kB)
Visual Example of a Completed Scheduling Grid

Tabsheet.xlt (662 kB)

Tabsheet_Duo.xlt (654 kB)
Dramatic Duo Tabsheet

grids-zipped.zip (469 kB)
Zipped folder containing all the Scheduling Grids used for the NIET

NIET 2007.zip (2713 kB)
Zipped folder containing a Complete Set of Tournament Documents for the 2007 AFA-NIET



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