Forensic educators and students face many competitive challenges while vying for trophies and titles. However, maintaining one’s health while preparing, traveling, and competing too often falls by the wayside. Although scholars have examined the health of forensic educators and students in the past, few current research agendas address the health concerns of the forensic community. With the exception of Carmack (2016) and her collaboration with Holm (2005, 2013, 2015), forensic scholars have not actively discussed how the activity affects student and educator wellbeing since 2004. Questions still remain regarding how the speech and debate community might feasibly promote a healthy lifestyle among its constituents. This exhaustive review examines the 58 published articles on forensic health-related topics to identify the human bodies addressed, methodological approaches utilized, and themes present. In doing so, this review reveals the gaps in forensic literature and suggests future research endeavors to reinvigorate scholarship and improve the wellbeing of participants within the speech and debate community.



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